"The artistic world of Tatiana Chernova" - article by Balatsenko Y.D. | Biography of Tatyana Chernova.
Tatiana Chernova

Foto: Anfisa Galimova

"The artistic world of Tatiana Chernova" - article by Balatsenko Y.D.

Tatiana Chernova, an exceptionally talented artist, has been working in St.Petersburg for over twenty years. Her works reflect an excellent education.She graduated from the St. Petersburg Artistic-Industrial Academy of Mukhina.As a student of S. A. Rotnizkiy, Chernova learned from the acclaimed master of portraiture and landscapes. Since her first exhibit in august 1995, she has taken part in many exhibitions both in St. Petersburg and abroad.

The works of Tatyana Chernova demonstrate the great progress that she has made throughout her career. They are unique in their freshness and design motif. "Tatyana Chernova is among the artists who work only outside,” writes A.K Krylov, a professor of the Academic Institute of Ilya Repin. “Rain, cold, heat, the diversity of natural experiences – her work is imbued with a keen sense of the beauty of the world, its living breath fills the canvas. Natureis wholly for her.”

Chernova has the rare gift of representing the everyday motif with the precision of plastic that indicates the true master. Her light paintings seem illuminated from within.

Helena Soini wrote that “landscape is unique in Russian art. It is almost unbelievable and fantastic.” This is especially true for the landscapes of Chernova, as they are true portraits of cities, villages, mountains and valleys…the beautiful corners of the Earth she has visited.

"The works of Chernova left a very light, happy feeling in my soul, I felt like I would like to visit all parts of the world showed in her paintings" – a visitor Galina wrote in the guestbook of Chernova’s exhibition in 2008. Chernova’s works are distinguished by her devotion to her own way, her inner artistic purity, her ability to appreciate the skills accumulated over the years, and her dislike of external effects. The artist works free without any regard to the trends, as she transmits a subtle sense of picturesque texture, her brushstrokes light and accurate.

She enters into a dialogue with her audience, not by literal depiction of an object or location, but by the precise movements of her hand, the intensity of the colors, and the skillful distribution of her marks. On one hand, Chernova’s paintings display respect for the classic tradition, on the other, they possess a heightened sense of modernity. As one employee of the State Russian Museum of S. Lewandowski pointed out: "Her Individual handwriting is recognizable in every work, marked by her unique style. A confident hit or a soft touch of the hand transmits the shape of the subject, and this combination creates a common fabric of the picture

"The images Chernova creates do not present some kind of mystery. Rather, they show the well-recognizable everyday world, like an "accidental spectator." As Larissa wrote in the guestbook, "I was impressed by the confidence of your strokes. It's amazing that with such a technique, you capture beautiful and colorful motifs. "

In all her works Chernova shows immersion in the creative and poetic images of nature. With rich variety of color, and a unity of the linear and the oblique, Chernova reveals her talents through an enormous variety of works. She avoids overcomplicating her works, and allows the viewer to focus on the story, revealing her intent.

Senior Research Fellow

Museum-Estate of Ilya Repin "Penates"

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Balatsenko Y.D.